5 Ways to Create your Own Automated Content
It’s easy, and fast to set up. You will only regret if you don’t try to get automated content.

Find a Data Source

Is it basically out of numbers? Is it frequently updated? Is it okay to use? If it’s not free, is it possible to subscribe?

Find Additional Data

Are there any obvious background data needed to tell the stories based on the data source? Are they available online? Do you have background data yourself?

Find Your Audience

For news and content of this kind, can they be used externally or internally or both?

Make it SEO Smart

Are there competitors writing – manually or automatically – about this? Can you find a version of it, with some adjustments, to create your own niche?

Use Experts

Seek help in getting really good texts and automation so that the texts have the tone you like, they are well-written, and they are fact-proof and you’ll get them through a convenient delivery method.

Do you have something that could be turned into automated content? We at Lingmill can help you. We can set up a stream of news and content for you in a short time. 

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