Unique quality content from data

Customized, personalized, automated content, perfect for marketing automation which goes with every CRM. An automated verbalization of data for all internal and external communication. Sounds interesting? With Lingmill’s AI and NLG technique it’s possible, not to say rudimentary.


Lingmill can create hyperlocal, customized, and personalized content suited for every touchpoint. Everything automatically AI made from data. And it is easily adjusted to your customers, with all their specific needs.

This is an example of how a report can look inside a CRM:

How do we do it? 

With our algorithms, we analyze the data, select what to write about, put in adequate writing with the tone of voice you prefer, and then push it to the right publishing point.

It will be an extra input in your CRM and your MA system. You’ll obtain unique, personalized content. Articles, report summaries, blogs, newsletters, all sorts of internal and external messages – to every user and reader.

This is the next step of your marketing automation journey and internal communication. And it’s not the future, it is up and running, and you’d better not be left behind. Have a chat with us and we’ll find the best way for your company to get the most out of it. It’s quick to get started, and we’ll support you all the way.


If you're into e-commerce, you may also be interested in product descriptions at low cost, with measured improvement in website traffic around 40 percent within 4 weeks. You can start with our BASIC package. And then there are all development opportunities with PREMIUM.

Some examples of numbers

  • An increase of 38 percent in organic traffic for e-com websites using Lingmill’s automated product descriptions. 
  • An increase of 13 percent in overall traffic for blog articles within the first 5 months.

Contact us below and we’ll set things up rapidly.

Read more about what NLG, AI, and content automation really are.

Another example of a report as an email to someone in the sales and marketing team:

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