Customer Data Platform + Lingmill = Completed Automated Customer Experience

Customer Data Platform together with Lingmill makes a Completed Automated Customer Experience

Together with Lingmill Customer Data Platform companies can fulfill the circle of customized, personalized experiences all the way. From understanding the consumers with a 360-degree view of each user, with good quality data – to creating perfect content for each and every one with the help of NLG and AI. It sounds like a dream, but it’s real and in production.

‘Those with that kind of data’

Lingmill creates customized, hyperlocal, and personalized content for all platforms, for all touchpoints. And all the content is automatically AI made out of data. Because of the setup of algorithms, it’s easy and obvious to personalize it – it’s as easy to write 10 texts as 100,000 texts. And forget the old “Hi, [first name]”, now it’s possible to get the whole text, with angle and all, to be written for a certain individual.

The perfect match for Lingmill is those with well-organized data of everything and everyone. Used, of course, with great care, Lingmill can create great content out of this data, followed by fantastic customer experiences. 

Connected experiences

And, who are ‘those with that kind of data’? Yes, Customer Data Platforms companies, of course. Those who are already delivering superb unique experiences, delightful customer recommendations, and personalized customer journeys. Together with Lingmill, they can develop their offerings to be automated all the way down to personalized newsletters, blog articles, and Facebook and Linkedin updates. Connected experiences across all channels.

CASE: How we helped Bisnode with 400 unique hyperlocal press releases in 3 languages for 800 recipients.

Automated Omnichannel Experiences

Marketing automation is standard. But perfect content from meaningful data served everywhere, automatically – that is the future, and that is what we can do together now.

It will be easier and much more time-efficient to accelerate growth, to give customers exactly what they need. 

"To really take advantage and achieve a hyperlocal outreach of our data like this is of course extremely positive"
Tomas Hedenius, Head of Marketing and Communications, Bisnode Scandinavia.

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