Unique Product Descriptions for E-Commerce
Our text robot helps you with search engine–optimized  texts

Product descriptions are crucial for e-commerce


We’ll create search engine–optimized content that increases engagement and conversion

From your product data, we’ll add extra information and create fast-as-lightning and accurate product descriptions.

You’ll get unique texts, meta information, headlines, tags, and Google ads.

All you need to contribute is a CSV or Excel file with your product data. The rest is on us.

Increase your keyword ranking, website traffic, interaction, engagement, and conversion.

This is how we can help – with more satisfied customers and increased conversion!

87 percent

Within two weeks, you will be up and running. You’ll get text in the languages you want as well as unique text for every language.

According to a report from Salsify, 87 percent said that product descriptions are extremely important or very important to making buying decisions, and 50 percent said that they had returned a product that didn’t fit the description.

Read more about what NLG, AI, and content automation really are.

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