The easiest and most affordable way to get search engine optimzed, unique texts for your products

Do you run an e-commerce business? Do you need unique product descriptions? Lingmill creates them for you - for €0.1 per text!


In our basic package, we create30–50-wordproduct descriptions for eachof your products. If you have product data withspecifications for the products, for example, via Shopify, Woocommerce, or another system - the cost will be €0.1 per product description * per language **.  You only pay for the products that have sufficient data. If you lack data for your products, we canhelp with that for a small additional cost.

Text delivery by CSV or similar, which easily can be imported into most systems. ‍


In this package, we tailor product descriptions for your e-commerce. We use your data and provide supplementary data when needed. Here we also tailor the delivery if desired so that it runs seamlessly – and automatically – with your systems. We review your needs together and give a price by a quote.

SEO, Uniqueness and Machine Learning‍

The product descriptions are unique and search engine optimized. We can also set up a self-learning system with Machine Learning adapted for your site to optimize the usage - so that the conversion improves automatically over time.

Contact Us

Send us which site or app it is, we exchange some technical details - then you can get the product descriptions within 24 hours. Just fill out the contact form below!

* A minimum of 20,000 products. ** English and Swedish. Other languages ​​on request, some extra charge may apply.

87 percent

According to a report from Salsify, 87 percent said that product descriptions are extremely important or very important to making buying decisions, and 50 percent said that they had returned a product that didn’t fit the description.

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