Lingmill in media
Some selected news about Lingmill

In April, 2020, Lingmill launched, and got some attention. An article in Dagens Analys.

When Lingmill got funding from Vinnova 2019, Enterprise Europe wrote this piece

When Lingmill released its first fully automated news site in 2015,, the company, then Robonews, figurated in media.

Dagens Nyheter

Sveriges Radio




Idrottens affärer

Dagens media

Ny Teknik

And when Lingmill released in English, with international matches, there was also shown interest: DI.

One of Lingmill's founders, Christian Balkenius, has been in the news about lots of things, as when he was appointed Graduate school director of WASP-HS (an initiative for humanistic and social scientific research in AI and autonomous systems).

And recently, Christian has started to extend his work within robots and ethics.

Latest news of WASP-HS:

Great interest in Wasp

Wasp in Denmark

Robotic research

Some Christian presence in Sveriges Radio (SR)

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