Do you need help with unique product descriptions?

Do you work in e-commerce using a CMS and a PIM and need help generating your own unique producttexts? Lingmill can help you with that. We have both a basic service with textsfor €0.1 each and a premium service for anyone who wants to develop their webshop even more. 

Which CMS do you use?

You are probably working with one of the best CMSs or webpublishing systems as some of us call it, it can be Wordpress, Sitevision, Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, Shopify, Webflow, Wix or maybe Magento. Whatever you use, it is compatible with Lingmill and our product descriptions. Depending on your needs, we can collaborate in different ways and with different frequencies via a few manual steps or completely automatically via APIor equivalent.

Our BASIC package provides an opportunity to test the service directly in the easiest and safest way. 

Do you have a PIM system?

Lingmill is the perfectsupplier of crucial components for your PIM system. Of course, we can makeadjustments if necessary to suit you and your needs. This applies regardless ofwhether you run Akeneo PIM, Syndigo Content Experience Hub, Bluestone PIM, Quable PIM, PIMWorks, Heavendata PIM , or whatever system you use.

Product Descriptions are crucial

Because keep in mind that uniqueproduct descriptions are crucial for Google to find you, for customers to besatisfied, for conversions, for reduced returns, and for the whole e-commerceexperience. You can have superb payment systems with, for example, Klarna, Stripe, Payson, Paypal, Swedbank Pay or Swish. But you must still havegood descriptions of your products.

You can legally comply with GDPR with the help of Cookiefirst, Cookieinformation, Cookiebot, Iubenda, Osano or One Trust. You must nevertheless haveunique texts for what you sell.
You can have a perfect delivery system if youhave physical products. You use, for example, Sendify, Shiplink, Fraktus, Postnord, Dhl or Bring. But you must have product information for all products regardless. The product descriptions are, as you know — you product owners, content managers,CEOs, CCOs, marketing managers, heads of e-commerce, sales managers, and SEO specialists — extremely important. And being able to get them for an excellentprice is, of course, almost as important. You can do that via Lingmill.

Start with our BASIC package. You will not regret it. Andthen there are all development opportunities with PREMIUM.
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